Sturdy Finance Reopens Stablecoin Market Post $800K Breach


Three days after the exploit, customers can now access Sturdy Finance’s stablecoin market.

Following a significant security breach, the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, Sturdy Finance, has announced the relaunch of its stablecoin market.

The news was revealed by the DeFi platform on June 16th. Based on the announcement, this move re-establishes users’ access to their funds.

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It is worth noting that Sturdy Finance halted all operations on June 12th after suffering a security incident leading to a loss of 442 Ether (ETH), equivalent to approximately $800,000 at that time. The breach exploited a defective price oracle to siphon off funds from the protocol.

Sturdy Finance emphasized that at no point were the users’ assets endangered, and the temporary market halt was purely a precautionary measure.

However, in an intriguing twist, the DeFi platform proposed a $100,000 reward for the cybercriminal responsible for the breach.

According to the team, should the perpetrator return the rest of the stolen funds, they would consider the issue resolved. However, in their community briefing, the company clarified that should the assets remain unreturned, the cash reward would go to anyone capable of aiding in an arrest or successful fund recovery.

In its address to the community, Sturdy Finance revealed that its team is cooperating with security specialists proficient in on-chain analysis in an attempt to recover the lost assets. The company also pointed out that it is collaborating with international law enforcement agencies to gather more data.

Hackers are continually crafting more sophisticated tactics to obscure their illicit proceeds. In the past couple of weeks, malicious actors started targeting more and more crypto-related companies. Before Sturdy Finance, the decentralized wallet Atomic Wallet lost around $100M during a recent hack.

The incident at Sturdy Finance highlights the persistent security threats faced by DeFi platforms. This narrative underscores the importance of robust security measures and the role of community engagement in navigating such crises.

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