SHIB Burns Plunge Below 70 Million Despite Recent Bullish Announcements From Lead Dev


Shibburn wallet tracker has delivered the news that over the past seven days, the SHIB army has managed to destroy 85% fewer SHIB than a week before. The burn rate is deep in red both on a daily and weekly basis today.

According to a recent tweet, within the last 24 hours, the total number of SHIB removed from circulation stands at as little as 360,222 meme coins. That is minus 84% compared to yesterday.

As for the weekly burns, during the past seven days, 66,116,769 SHIB has been destroyed in total.

Because of the extremely low daily burns this week and the aforementioned one too, the weekly burn slumped 85.09% compared to Friday, when the overall amount constituted 293,566,203 SHIB.

Shytoshi Kusama announces Shibcalls — new IRL component

As reported by U.Today, earlier this week, the lead developer of Shiba Inu and its Layer-2 protocol Shibarium known to the community under the pseudonym Shytoshi Kusama drew the SHIB army’s attention to a new SHIB feature called “Shibcalls.”

He posted a link to their Twitter account in the Shibarium Telegram channel, calling them “one more step toward Shibarium.” The content marketing manager of the SHIB team, Lucie, then shared details of what Shibcalls can do in a tweet. She called them an “IRL” (in-real-life) component, stating that this team will be able to produce various merch themed by SHIB.

The IRL component, Lucie tweeted, will allow the Shiba Inu ecosystem to expand well beyond the “digital realm” of the internet and into the physical world.

Source: https://u.today/shib-burns-plunge-below-70-million-despite-recent-bullish-announcements-from-lead-dev

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