Pakistani Man rides a bike for 50 days to make his dreams certified to perform Umrah and Pilgrimage

A Pakistani man named Abrar Hassan rides bike for 50 days to reach his destination Saudi Arabia to make his fantasy confirmed to perform an Umrah pilgrimage

Abrar Hassan is a Pakistani vlogger and traveler he started his journey on February 9 and he reached at Madina on the 27th of march. Abrar reached there after crossing three continents and different countries and then he performed an Umrah

Hassan, who has adored experience and photography since he was a youngster, said it was an “astonishing experience” to cross different boundaries and meet so many people along the way. Yet, he brought up that the extraordinary gift was to show up in Madinah only a couple of days before the start of the fasting month of Ramadan and keep the first fast of the year there.

He thanked the people of Saudi Arabia for their sweet welcome given to him and love he had gotten

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