Pakistan Cricket Board increases pensions of national cricketers of Pakistan by 100,000Rs

LAHORE – Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Thursday reported an increment of Rs100,000 across every one of the three benefits classifications under the PCB Players’ Welfare Policy.

The increment implies cricketers who have played in 10 or less Tests will currently get a monthly pension of PKR142,000, players who have played somewhere in the range of 11 and 20 Tests will get PKR148,000 and players who have highlighted in at least 21 Tests will get PKR154,000.

In a significant revision to the approach, the PCB likewise reported the benefits will be moved to the widow in the lamentable case of a Test cricketer’s end. Beforehand, the legitimate beneficiaries of the cricketer were simply qualified for get an onetime installment identical to a year’s advantage determined by the section under which the pension was being paid to the cricketer.

The PCB Players’ Welfare Policy was last refreshed in January 2019. To guarantee there were no future defers in the expansion in the benefits sums, the PCB likewise affirmed there will be a yearly expansion increment.

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja: “It brings me colossal joy and bliss to report the expansion in pension amounts and different alterations to the PCB Players’ Welfare Policy. With a previous cricketer in charge of Pakistan cricket issues, the assumption was that I will constantly secure and care for the interests and government assistance of all present and past cricketers. I’m happy that I have had the option to satisfy one more of my responsibilities and have changed the approach so that there will currently be a yearly expansion in the pension amounst.

“While further developing the pension amounts, we have additionally guaranteed security for a cricketer’s widow. As a previous cricketer, I know and comprehend the penances of the families, especially the mates that permit cricketers to satisfy their desires and fantasies about addressing their country at the most significant level. I’m certain this gradual increment of the pension policy will give a ton of harmony and fulfillment to the cricketers as well as their families.

“The PCB is an organization that has a pleased history of regarding and valuing its cricketers. Yet again these corrections to the PCB Players’ Welfare Policy are a demonstration of our responsibility and for the benefit of this association, I guarantee all resigned cricketers that we will keep on supporting them in any capacity we can, be it through the PCB Players’ Welfare Policy or the PCB Benevolent Fund, which exists to help and help cricketers confronting monetary difficulties and difficulties.”

The furthest down the line changes to the PCB Players’ Welfare Policy will become effective from 1 July 2022 and cricketers who have arrived at the age of 60 or more, will actually want to benefit.

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