Mormon Beliefs About Medical Care

Mormon Beliefs About Medical Care

Mormons believe that medical care can be a source of divine healing. They may use the laying of hands by church elders and anointing with oil to promote healing.

They also encourage women to pursue careers in medicine. Several Latter-day Saint women became medical doctors and helped to improve healthcare in Utah.

1. The Word of Wisdom

Latter-day Saints (LDS) adhere to a distinctive set of beliefs about medical care. These are known as the Word of Wisdom, which they believe was dictated by Joseph Smith in 1833 via divine revelation.

The Word of Wisdom prohibits the use of tobacco, alcohol, hot drinks such as coffee and tea, illegal drugs, and a bad diet, while advocating a healthy lifestyle with proper amounts of exercise and sleep.

Research has shown that Mormons, who follow this health code, tend to live longer than non-LDS people and have lower death rates from cancer. These results can be linked to prohibition of cigarettes in the Word of Wisdom and a higher level of church attendance among middle-aged members.

2. The Atonement

The atonement is a major part of Mormon faith. It is a big deal because Jesus was able to redeem all humans by dying on the cross in order to make the resurrection a reality.

There are numerous ways that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints explains the miracles of healing in the modern world. Some of the more interesting and useful are the many ways that the church has reshaped and improved the medical profession, while also advancing women’s rights to the same degree as men.

3. The Priesthood

The Priesthood is a very important part of Mormon faith. Those who hold the title of high priest are given the authority to perform miracles such as healing the sick and blessing new members.

The LDS church is known for its unique and esoteric beliefs. Among them is the belief that the best medical care can only be obtained through the divine intervention of God himself. The Mormons are also known for their emphasis on family values and education. They are not averse to fad diets or calorie counting, but they do not endorse them as the solution to all your health woes.

4. The Restored Gospel

Founded in 1830, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as Mormonism) is one of the largest Christian denominations. It claims to be a restoration of the original New Testament church, as founded by Jesus Christ.

According to its beliefs, all members of the church are expected to follow a plan of salvation, which consists of following all divine commandments and teaching the gospel to others. It also promotes traditional family values and healthy lifestyles.

5. The Family

The Family is of utmost importance to Mormons, and this belief is reflected in many church practices. Those who follow the Mormon faith are taught that they must be good parents, and that marriage is a sacred bond between two people.

The LDS family is also a strong support network for members who experience illness or difficulty. For example, Blendina Muca, a young woman who suffered from strabismus or crossed eyes, found help through a Church humanitarian service mission.

6. The Priesthood

The LDS Church holds a unique belief in the priesthood, which is the authority of God given to men to act in His name. The priesthood is divided into two levels: the Aaronic Priesthood and the Melchizedek Priesthood.

The priesthood allows Mormons to perform “saving ordinances” like baptism and sealing ceremonies. These are believed to be necessary for achieving exaltation in the afterlife.

In addition, the LDS church believes in posthumous baptisms. They believe it is important to perform these ceremonies for ancestors and deceased friends or family members who were not able to be baptized during their lifetimes.

7. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a large, international religious movement that believes in a continuing revelation from God to its members. It maintains a missionary program and provides humanitarian aid around the world.

The Church teaches the importance of healthy living, and encourages its members to follow its health guidelines, or “the Word of Wisdom,” found in D&C 89. A 14-year UCLA study revealed that Mormons who followed the guidelines had one of the lowest death rates from cancer and cardiovascular disease in the United States compared to the general population.

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