Maverick Protocol on Binance Launchpool


Today, is the day of the launch of Maverick Protocol (MAV) on the Binance Launchpool

This is the 34th project launched from the Binance launchpool and farming is already open. 

Earning MAV tokens by staking BNB or TUSD

Binance Launchpool introduces Maverick Protocol (MAV)

Maverick is a composable DEX that enables liquidity providers to achieve high capital efficiency with a desired liquidity providing (LP) strategy.

Although the farming of MAV tokens has already started, they have not yet been listed on the exchange. 

Listing is expected to take place at the end of June, so until then any MAV tokens earned cannot be sold. 

Nonetheless, the MAV token page has already been posted on CoinMarketCap, although without data regarding the price. 

Maverick’s protocol is an innovative liquidity bootstrapping mechanism called “Automated Liquidity Placement vAMM.” It is used to place liquidity more effectively than the market price. 

It aims to provide benefits to both liquidity providers and traders, thereby improving capital efficiency. 

Because of its unique mechanism, Maverick aims to be the first protocol that can rapidly expand to support many exotic pairs that are not currently available in perpetual markets, whether centralized or decentralized.

In fact, liquidity providers can use this protocol to find more yield farming opportunities for any ERC20 token, with the Gaussian Automated Liquidity Placement mechanism eliminating the need to constantly manage liquidity. 

It also allows traders to open long or short positions on token pairs with up to 10 times more buying power. 

Maverick’s innovative mechanism

Maverick’s AMM comes with four “modes” of use: Mode Right, Mode Left, Mode Both, and Mode Static.

When prices rise, Maverick’s Mode Right allows one’s liquidity position to follow the price of an asset as it rises, while preventing liquidity from moving if the price falls.

In contrast, when prices fall, Mode Left allows one’s liquidity position to follow the price as it falls, but preventing it from moving if the price rises.

In sideways markets, such as stable pairs, Mode Both instead allows one’s liquidity position to follow the price in either direction.

Finally, with Mode Static it is possible to create a customized liquidity distribution that does not move with price. 

It is therefore a complex protocol dedicated specifically to professionals in the crypto markets, or at any rate those who use complex tools and strategies. 

More technical details about it can be found at docs.mav.xyz. 

The launch of Maverick (MAV) on Binance Launchpool

Binance Launchpool users can already put their BNB or TUSD in staking to farm MAV tokens, and this service will run for 25 days. 

Afterwards, if its liquidity meets the requirements, Binance will lister MAV and initiate trading with MAV/BTC, MAV/USDT, and MAV/TUSD pairs. Moreover, no fees will be charged on the MAV/TUSD pair by Binance, at least at first. 

A total of 2 billion MAV tokens have been created, of which 12.5% (250 million) constitute the initial circulating offer. On the other hand, 1.5% (30,000,000) will be allocated to launchpool rewards. 

There is no limit on staking, but KYC is required. 

80% of the rewards (24,000,000 MAV) will be allocated to BNB staking, while the remaining 20% (6,000,000 MAV) will be allocated to TUSD staking. 

Farming will end on 8 July at 23:59 UTC.

The prizes will be calculated hourly, and users can then claim them directly to their spot accounts at any time once they are distributed.

However, users will be able to withdraw the tokens staked at any time. 

Previous projects introduced by Binance

Maverick Protocol is the 34th project launched by Binance Launchpad. 

In the past, those who took part in the initial distribution and then sold the newly listed tokens usually made a profit. 

Sometimes the listing alone had the power to raise their market value. 

The matter is very different for those who bought them after listing, and perhaps held them for a long time. 

For example, Open Campus was launched in late April, and initially the price of its EDU token rose from $1.2 to $1.5 in the very first hours of its presence in the markets. It then began a slow decline to the current $0.8. 

Space ID, on the other hand, was launched in March, and the price of its ID token took off in mid-April, when it went from $0.45 to $0.97 in just a few days. It then dropped to the current $0.3. 

In December last year they launched Hooked Protocol, whose HOOK token made a splash in January, going from $1.1 to $4 in a month. However, it then dropped to below $1. 

Perhaps the most famous project launched last year was STEP, whose GMT token on its market debut made a crazy boom, going from $0.28 to $3.8 in only a month and a half. Since then, however, it has done nothing but fall, down to the current $0.20. 

Perhaps the most famous project that has passed through Binance Launchpad is The Sandbox. 

The SAND token landed on the markets as late as August 2020, but until 2021 its price did not move much.

After that, it made an incredible bull run rising from $0.04 at the beginning of the year to an all-time high of $8.4 in November of that year. So its bullrun lasted more than a year, even though it was due to the speculative bubble in the crypto markets. 

Beginning in late December 2021, the price began to fall, such that the current price of $0.39 is the absolute post-bubble low. 

The launch of new tokens

New tokens are often liked mostly because they are new, so when they start to fall out of favor they lose some of their appeal. 

Very few cryptocurrencies gain appeal over time, although over the medium term there are many more. 

In particular, it is Bitcoin‘s four-year cycle that dictates the pace, so every four years or so there are always different altcoins that achieve great results. 

To date, only Bitcoin and Ethereum have always gone up each cycle, although the last big bull run in this respect delivered big surprises, primarily Dogecoin (which has been around since 2013).

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