Malaysia and China to Develop AI Technology for Cross-border Trade


Malaysia’s public blockchain platform developer Zetrix and Universiti Malaya (UM) are partnering with China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) to develop advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology as part of their ongoing research collaboration.

  • The project, titled “Research on Key Issues of Transborder Blockchain Infrastructure and Pilot Applications,” was selected under the intergovernmental research collaboration between Malaysia and China in the field of Science, Technology, and Innovation.
  • The collaboration, initiated by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, aims to foster research partnerships between the Chinese government and overseas governments.
  • Malaysia is among 14 countries participating in this program, focusing its research on leveraging AI to streamline cross-border trade processes and enhance efficiency and speed in transactions.
  • TS Wong, the Group Managing Director of MYEG Services Bhd, which owns and develops Zetrix, expressed enthusiasm for the expanded research focus, stating that AI and Web 3 technologies will disrupt digital services and transform cross-border trade.
  • The partnership with UM and CAICT is crucial in leveraging 4th Industrial Revolution technologies to achieve these goals.
  • Dr Saaidal Razalli Azzuhri, the lead researcher at UM, highlighted the potential benefits of incorporating AI into their ongoing research, expecting breakthroughs that improve the efficiency and security of cross-border trade.
  • Zetrix, known for its deployment of services at the intersection of blockchain and AI, recently introduced a Digital Identity Service that verifies online engagements with real humans, distinguishing them from AI agents.
  • The inclusion of AI in this collaboration reflects the growing importance of international cooperation in AI research. By combining AI and blockchain technology, the project aims to realize the full potential of AI in advancing cross-border trade, contributing to a more connected and prosperous global economy.

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