Liminal Joins Telangana Web3 Regulatory Sandbox Advisory Panel


Liminal, a leading wallet infrastructure platform, has become part of the advisory panel for the Telangana government’s Web3 Regulatory Sandbox. The panel aims to nurture scalable Web3 projects, providing guidance and support to startups in technical, management, and operational aspects. This collaboration reflects Liminal’s commitment to promoting blockchain adoption and leveraging its power for public welfare.

Liminal, a wallet infrastructure and custody solutions platform, has joined the advisory panel of the Telangana government’s Web 3.0 Regulatory Sandbox. The panel, consisting of industry experts, will support and guide Web3 startups in scaling and growing their businesses by providing technical, management, and operational advice.

The regulatory sandbox aims to nurture viable and scalable Web3 projects in the state and promote emerging technologies like blockchain for better governance and welfare. The Telangana government has established a blockchain district in Hyderabad to facilitate collaboration, resource sharing, and idea exchange for the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

The Principal Secretary of the ITE&C Department, representing the Telangana government, expressed optimism about the Web3 regulatory sandbox, emphasizing its role in helping startups navigate the regulatory landscape. The government aims to leverage blockchain technology for the benefit of society and sees the sandbox as a means to foster innovation in India.

Manan Vora, Senior Vice President of Business Strategy and Operations at Liminal, stated that being part of the Telangana government’s Web3 regulatory sandbox is an honor. Liminal believes that the sandbox will act as a catalyst for bringing blockchain technology to the grassroots and can serve as a model for other state governments to deliver efficient blockchain-based governance. This collaboration aligns with Liminal’s mission to promote the mass adoption of Web3-related products and services and leverage blockchain for public welfare across the country.

Liminal’s partnership with the Telangana government follows its recent collaboration with India’s premier investigation agency to provide custody solutions. By partnering with the government, Liminal aims to leverage the power of blockchain for the welfare of citizens in remote areas and contribute to the growth of startups and job creation through initiatives like the Startup India program.

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