LBank Labs Bolsters its Strong Investment Partnership with SevenX Ventures


LBank Labs, a prominent venture fund, has revealed its investment in SevenX Ventures, a research-oriented venture capital firm in the Web3 space. The collaboration between the two funds aims to provide comprehensive support to blockchain projects and entrepreneurs worldwide, promoting innovation and fostering global collaboration in Web3.

LBank Labs, with $100 million in assets under management (AUM), has a successful track record of nurturing startups and helping them thrive. As the venture capitalist arm of LBank, a global cryptocurrency exchange, LBank Labs is committed to supporting projects through direct funding, acceleration, incubation, and extensive networking. Alongside direct investments, the fund seeks to establish a strong network by investing in top global funds and providing financial and resource support to portfolios within the network.

Czhang Lin, an IC board member of Labs, has personally contributed as a limited partner (LP) to NGC, Blockchain Founders Fund, and Lemniscap. Eric He, Co-Founder of LBank, has been an LP to SevenX Ventures’ fund I, II, III, and FOF since its inception, as well as IOSG Ventures.

SevenX Ventures, led by experienced industry veterans with an average experience of six years, manages three main funds and a Fund of Funds (FOF), totaling approximately $300 million AUM. The firm has successfully navigated three bull and bear cycles and holds a portfolio of nearly 100 projects spanning various sectors such as infrastructure, middleware, DeFi, gaming, and social applications. Notable portfolio companies include Near, Arweave, Zerion, YGG, Mask Network, AI Arena, Space and Time, CyberConnect, Debank, and DODO. Additionally, SevenX Ventures plays a crucial role in bridging infrastructures and decentralized applications (dapps) between Western and Eastern markets, making it an essential partner in Asia.

LBank Labs has brought extensive financial resources and a vast global network to SevenX Ventures over the years, while SevenX Ventures has reciprocated by contributing significant value and knowledge to LBank Labs. As part of their commitment, LBank Labs aims to establish a comprehensive network of Fund of Funds, enhancing portfolio performance and diversification while emphasizing the inherent value of their ecosystem network. With Labs’ presence in seven global regions, they serve as a powerhouse for fostering cross-border collaboration and innovation.

In addition to the partnership with SevenX Ventures, LBank Labs has recently announced investments in Sparkle Ventures and Collab+Currency, two notable venture funds dedicated to supporting and nurturing projects in the Web3 ecosystem.

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