L3 “Xai” for games using arbitrum, to be launched in 2023, also planning to issue tokens


Simplify user experience
The project team that develops the blockchain “Xai” for games announced the features and future plans of Xai on the 15th.
The official Twitter account posted a tweet for the first time on the 15th, saying, “Tomorrow, the future of games begins.” On the 16th, he explained that Xai is an L3 blockchain that utilizes the technology of the L2 “Arbitrum (ARB)” of the crypto asset (virtual currency) Ethereum (ETH). Xai plans to launch later this year, and has also said it will issue its own token.

Introducing Xai: The Next Evolution in Blockchain Gaming
Xai is a layer 3 blockchain leveraging @Arbitrum technology. Under direction from the Xai Foundation, XAI will be developed with support servicing from @Offchain Labs to directly address the needs of game developers pic.twitter.com/HJWfz4qNWv
—XAI (@XAI_GAMES) June 15, 2023

What is L2
Abbreviation for “Layer 2”, which is the “second layer” of the network. Processing all transactions on the main chain would increase the load, leading to slower processing speeds and higher network fees. By performing part of the transaction in L2, we can expect to reduce the load on the main chain and improve the processing speed.
Cryptocurrency Glossary

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The Xai Foundation is leading the development of Xai. And “Offchain Labs”, which contributes to Arbitrum, supports development. Xai will work with Offchain Labs to enhance scalability, security, and user-friendly design.
He explained that blockchain corresponds to “account abstraction.” We’re simplifying how you manage your accounts and wallets, making it easier for gamers to get on board, and getting more users to join the ecosystem.
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He also explained that it will be possible to use it at a low gas price. It will allow game developers to lower transaction costs or take on the payments, allowing gamers to focus on playing. Account abstraction is a technology that makes it possible to take over gas bills.
Xai specifically uses the technology of “Arbitrum Nitro” and operates as an Orbit chain.
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Plan for decentralization
In this announcement, Xai explained that it will focus on comprehensive decentralization. Ultimately, we would like to have an ecosystem composed of one foundation, DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), and validators that support the network.
And in the ecosystem, the Xai token has multiple roles. Specifically, it is explained that it will be used for gas payment and validator rewards. In addition, the Xai token will provide incentives to network participants and contributors and revitalize the ecosystem.
Xai has already decided to launch a game developed by “Ex Populus”. Ex Populus originally developed a game based on Solana (SOL), but will move to Xai. Ex Populus is led by members who have worked at Pixar, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard and more.
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Ex Populus co-founder Soby commented:

The reason for working with the Xai Foundation is simple. Their decision to run as Arbitrum’s Orbit chain clearly shows that they understand the need for scalability in Web3 games.
We are confident that our games will run seamlessly on the Orbit chain and provide the gaming experience players expect.

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