How to Index Your Site Easily on Google by Search Console.

If you are working upon any content-related site or any other site then you will definitely want that Google shows your site to the users searching related to the content you are posting currently.

About Google Search Console:

First, you should know about the Google Search Console. So, basically, Google Search Console is the platform where Google allows you to manage and access your site in the backend. You will be able to access and index any type of page you want Google to show to the users related to the content and keyword you’re posting.

First, if you want to access Google Search Console then you have to first own any kind of blog or site with any kind of domain (free or not). Then you have to create an account there with the help of Google and then connect your site with Google Search Console. This will only take 5 to 10 Minutes.

When you open your account, there will be an option of URL Inspection. You have to click on that option and then you can enter any type of URL of your site and Google will index it easily.

About Ranking Factor:

Indexing your post first will definitely help you out in Ranking factors. But you’ve to make sure that your content is capable enough to beat your competitors.

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