Google Could Owe You Money—Here’s How to Get It


If you’ve used Google’s search engine and clicked on a link at any time between October 2006 and September 2013, you may be eligible for a small portion—roughly $7.70—of a $23 million settlement with the tech giant.

Key Takeaways

  • If you’ve used Google’s search engine between October 2006 and September 2013, you could be eligible for a small payout.
  • You could receive up to $7.70 of a $23 million settlement as part of a class-action lawsuit against the tech giant.
  • You have until July 31 to file a claim, exclude yourself from the settlement, or object to the settlement.

The settlement stems from a class-action lawsuit filed against Google (GOOG, GOOGL) a decade ago accusing the company of “storing and intentionally, systematically, and repeatedly divulging its users’ search queries and histories to third parties via ‘Referrer Headers’.” The practice impacts billions of searches conducted by millions of consumers worldwide.

Am I Eligible?

You may be eligible for a payout if you used Google Search at any time between October 25, 2006 and September 30, 2013.

What’s the Payout?

While the estimated payout is $7.70, this could change depending on the number of people who file a valid claim.

How Can I File a Claim?

To file a claim, head to https://www.refererheadersettlement.com/ and click on “Submit Claim” in the right-hand section. Applicants must submit their full name, street address, and email address. On the website, you can find additional documents outlining important dates and deadlines for submitting a claim.

Among your legal rights, you also have the option of excluding yourself from the settlement if you wish to be part of any other lawsuit against Google, or you can object to the settlement altogether by writing to the court.

When Can I File?

Applications to file a claim are now open and can be submitted through July 31. No claims can be filed after this deadline. The deadline for excluding yourself from claims or objecting to the settlement is also set for July 31.

When Do I Get Paid?

As of right now, it isn’t clear when payments will be distributed. A court will decide whether to approve the settlement in a hearing set for Oct. 12. Even if the court approves the settlement, appeals can slow the disbursal process, according to a claims notice.

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