Ed Sheeran Could Continue His Unbroken Winning Streak


With numerous hit singles and four Grammy wins under his belt, Ed Sheeran has undeniably made his mark on the music over the past decade. Now, the singer-songwriter is poised to make history at the upcoming 2024 Grammy Awards. As he gears up to submit his latest album and singles for consideration, there is one category in which he may prove his power and popularity once more.

Sheeran’s new album – (Minus) offers two potential contenders for the Best Pop Solo Performance category. The lead single, “Eyes Closed,” seems like a natural choice, given its popularity. However, the more subdued and introspective track, “Boat,” may hold a certain gravitas that could resonate with Grammy voters. The decision of which single to submit remains uncertain, as both options have their own unique appeal.

Regardless of the selection, Sheeran seems likely to secure a nomination in the Best Pop Solo Performance category, a field with which Sheeran is already intimately familiar. The British singer-songwriter has previously been nominated twice in this category, establishing himself as one of the most recognized male artists in its history since its reorganization over a decade ago. In 2016, Sheeran earned his first nomination with “Thinking Out Loud,” and two years later, he returned with the global hit “Shape of You.”

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Impressively, while Sheeran has only been nominated twice for Best Pop Solo Performance, he has emerged victorious on both occasions. In this regard, he stands alone among male artists, as the only act to have won this award multiple times. The sole artist who has achieved similar success in this category is Adele, who has come out on top four times, also winning with every nomination.

Should Sheeran secure his third nomination in the Best Pop Solo Performance category, he will tie Justin Bieber for the most nods among male artists. Currently, Sheeran finds himself on equal footing with Bruno Mars and Harry Styles, although the ranking may shift as Styles also has one or two eligible songs for contention.

While it remains uncertain whether Bieber or Mars will submit any material this time around, as of now, the race for nominations among male artists appears to be primarily between Styles and Sheeran.

Although the Recording Academy has yet to announce the date for the unveiling of its nominations, the eligibility period for the 2024 Grammys concludes on September 15th. This means that most of the songs and albums that will receive recognition have already been released, which may end up being to Sheeran’s advantage.

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