Donald Trump Declares That ‘Only TRUMP Can Save Fox News’


Former President Donald Trump took a series of shots at Fox News Saturday, suggesting that the network’s recent ratings slips could only be reversed by himself. “Fox must get smart fast before it’s too late,” Trump said in a pair of posts on his Truth Social platform. “Only ‘TRUMP’ can save Fox News. It is in freefall!”

Trump was referencing MSNBC’s recent ratings wins, including finishing in first place in prime time last week with an average audience of 1.489 million viewers—until last week, Fox News Channel had won every week for 120 consecutive weeks.

Fox’s ratings dominance had been largely unchallenged for years, but the firing of top-rated prime time host Tucker Carlson in April led to declines, with MSNBC landing a series of ratings wins—most recently on Monday night, when MSNBC was the most-watched cable news network in prime time. The Rachel Maddow Show was the highest-rated show in prime Monday, with 2.65 million viewers, and finished second only to FNC’s The Five, which was the most-watched show in all of cable news on the day with 2.75 million viewers (The Five airs outside prime, at 5 p.m. ET).

“Do not broadcast negative ads against Republican and Conservative Candidates by Perverts and Misfits like the Failing Lincoln Project, and others,” Trump said Saturday. “Roger Ailes never allowed that—And neither should a new and less successful Fox. Big turnoff! MSDNC and Fake News CNN will never allow positive Republican ads or hit pieces on Crooked Joe Biden. Fox must get smart fast before it’s too late. Only ‘TRUMP’ can save Fox News. It is in freefall!”

On Tuesday, Fox News Channel was once again the top-rated cable news network in prime and total day ratings, with Hannity taking second place overall behind The Five and finishing in first place in cable news among viewers 25-54, the key demographic valued by advertisers.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/markjoyella/2023/06/17/donald-trump-declares-that-only-trump-can-save-fox-news/

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