DEA Announces Collaborative Projects for Upcoming Play-and-Earn Game, SOUL Fusers


TL;DR: Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) reveals exciting tie-in projects, including a comic adaptation and social impact initiatives, ahead of the summer launch of their Play-and-Earn game, SOUL Fusers. Players can collaborate with developers, earn tokens, and participate in IP co-creation, while charitable partnerships and content collaborations enhance the gaming experience.

PlayMining Announces ‘SOUL Fusers’ Launch

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), the owner of the PlayMining gaming platform, has announced several collaborative projects ahead of the launch of its Play-and-Earn (P&E) game, SOUL Fusers.

The game encourages collaboration and teamwork among players, who can obtain free in-game characters called ‘SOULs’ or purchase stronger ones as collectible NFTs. Winners of battles in the game can earn DEAPcoin tokens, which can be used to buy NFTs or traded on various exchanges.

SOUL Fusers introduces an IP co-creation project, allowing users to work directly with the game developers to create various design elements for the game. Users propose and vote on suggestions, with winning contributors receiving DEP royalties when the SOUL NFTs are sold. PlayMining plans to introduce more collaborative projects that utilize tokenomics in the future.

Through its SOUL Friends project, PlayMining collaborates with organizations that contribute to solving social problems. The project involves sponsoring monster SOUL-naming events, with NFT sale royalties donated to charitable organizations. PlayMining has already collaborated with the CHANG Child Foundation of Asia, with named SOULs designed by children in Thailand and Laos to be released as NFTs. A share of the revenue from NFT sales will support the foundation’s work.

DEA has partnered with KADOKAWA Game Linkage to create a comic adaptation of the SOUL Fusers game world. The comic will be developed by two experienced co-writers, and the manga artist will be announced soon. PlayMining also plans to expand the SOUL Fusers IP through collaborations with other content manufacturers, with details about the SOUL Mates project to be announced later.

DEA, with its PlayMining platform, has a track record of IP monetization. It helps third-party game studios monetize their IPs by launching Web3 games on PlayMining, providing access to the P&E $DEP token economy and PlayMining NFT marketplace.

In addition to SOUL Fusers, PlayMining offers six other P&E game titles, including JobTribes, Cookin’ Burger, Menya Dragon Ramen, Graffiti Racer, Lucky Farmer, and Lost Archive+. The platform also features a metaverse project called Kamui Fujiwara Verse and has over 2.7 million users worldwide.

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