Breaking News: ZachXBT Faces Legal Action As Jeffrey Huang’s Supporters Rally


Key Points:

  • Taiwanese star Jeffrey Huang sues on-chain detective ZachXBT for defamation.
  • Donations surpass $400,000, supporting freedom of speech in the legal battle.
  • Supporters and critics express opinions on social media, debating responsible reporting and investigative journalism.
Taiwanese entertainment star Jeffrey Huang has filed a defamation lawsuit against “on-chain detective” ZachXBT, following the latter’s accusations of misappropriation and failed ventures.

In response, ZachXBT announced the establishment of a donation address to defend freedom of speech, which has already received over $400,000 in contributions.

The controversy began when ZachXBT published an article on social media platform Twitter, claiming that Jeffrey Huang had allegedly misappropriated 22,000 ETH from Formosa Financial in 2018. The article further accused Huang of launching multiple unsuccessful initial coin offering (ICO) and non-fungible token (NFT) projects subsequent to the company’s collapse.

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In light of these serious allegations, Jeffrey Huang has taken legal action, filing a defamation lawsuit against ZachXBT. The lawsuit seeks to address the reputational damage caused by the claims made in the article and seeks appropriate legal remedies. Huang vehemently denies all the accusations made against him and intends to fight for his reputation in court.

ZachXBT, known for his investigative work in the cryptocurrency space, responded to the lawsuit by announcing the creation of a donation address. According to his Twitter post, the donations received thus far have exceeded $400,000. ZachXBT claims that these funds will be utilized to support the cause of freedom of speech and enable him to defend himself in the legal battle with Huang.

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The situation has attracted significant attention, with supporters and critics expressing their opinions on social media. Some have applauded ZXBT’s efforts to safeguard freedom of speech, considering it crucial for investigative journalism. Others, however, have raised concerns about the potential misuse of funds and the need for responsible reporting.

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