BlockSpan Raises $1.4M in Pre-seed Funding


TL;DR: BlockSpan secures $1.4 million in funding to make Web3 development easier for software companies and builders. The BlockSpan NFT API platform provides instant access to NFT data, token information, and more, saving companies over $25,000 per month.

BlockSpan Raises $1.4M to Simplify Web3 Development for Software Companies

Web3 startup BlockSpan has raised $1.4 million in a pre-seed funding round to simplify the development of Web3 applications for software companies and builders.

BlockSpan says that building dynamic Web3 applications that integrate with blockchain technology can be complex and costly. The BlockSpan NFT API platform provides developers with instant access to current and historical NFT data, cached images and media, accurate token data, and more.

It also enriches blockchain data with spam scores, rarity, and price allocation for multi-token transfers. By aggregating, normalizing, and enhancing digital asset data from multiple blockchains and off-chain sources, BlockSpan claims to save companies over $25,000 per month.

Jon Pastor, Co-founder of BlockSpan, emphasizes the platform’s role in simplifying the process of working with blockchain data.

Jon says that the BlockSpan NFT API platform offers free and immediate access to both on-chain and off-chain data, serving as a catalyst for software companies and builders to hit the ground running.

The platform’s free-to-signup model provides flexibility for companies throughout the development phase, allowing them to upgrade or downgrade their plan based on their scale and API request needs. By leveraging BlockSpan’s API layer, brands can focus on app creation and monetization, rather than managing the complexities of blockchain and NFT data.

With the $1.4 million funding, BlockSpan aims to further break down Web3 development barriers. The company plans to expand its team of engineers, enhance its feature list and analytics capabilities, and focus on acquiring more customers. By doing so, BlockSpan aims to support software companies and builders in overcoming the challenges of Web3 development and enable them to create powerful applications with speed, confidence, and clarity.

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