Blockchain-based Moxy.io Adds Classic Game ‘Shock Rods’ To Its eSports Platform


Blockchain-based Moxy.io Adds Classic Game ‘Shock Rods’ To Its eSports Platform

Moxy.io is working with Stainless Games to integrate Shock Rods, allowing players to earn real rewards while playing.

Shock Rods, the popular arena car-battling game, is finally joining Moxy.io, the blockchain-based esports gaming platform. The game joins Moxy.io’s ecosystem following a partnership between Moxy and Stainless Games, the developer of Shock Rods. According to a statement from the Moxy.io team, the latest addition will boost the gaming experience for Shock Rods’ players, allowing them to compete with other players and gain rewards.

Moxy.io is a blockchain-based platform that allows games to convert from the three main platforms, PC, console and mobile, into esports. Through the esports-enabled platform, Shock Rods’ players can compete with other players and earn valuable rewards, in line with Moxy.io’s goals.

 “Moxy is thrilled to partner with Stainless Games to bring Shock Rods to our platform,”  Moxy.io CEO Matt deFouw said. “Our goal is to provide gamers with a world-class esports gaming experience, and Shock Rods is the perfect addition to our growing list of games.”

The latest collaboration with Stainless Games adds to the exciting developments already on Moxy.io. Shock Rods adds to a portfolio of popular games on Moxy.io, including Super Squad, BattleRise, Cards of Yore and Stripes. A team member from Stainless Games believes the collaboration “aligns perfectly with Stainless Games’ passion for creating exciting and competitive games”.

The latest collaboration will provide players with a seamless and competitive gaming experience on Moxy.io’s platform, allowing players to earn rewards by challenging other players.

Currently, Moxy.io is running its Beta Challenge, “eSports for All”, giving players an opportunity to win $100,000 in USDC tokens, Moxy collectibles, and 500,000 in $MOXY tokens.

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